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A Pan-Punjab Generations Initiative

Our vision is, that  young generations develop positive and strong own identities, rising above prevailing biases and depriving traditions. These young generations are part of a global community to which they proactively contribute and which they enrich through their individual and cultural diversity. In Punjab, this generation starts shaping the public discourse and the communities they live in. They involve in policy making processes to create peace, tolerance, equality and societal cohesion. On this fundament, a prosperous and sustainable future is built for all generations.

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How we work

We use the methodology „Streetfootball for Tolerance“ also called „Football 3“ to open learning spaces. The experiential tool creates safe spaces for girls and boys to encounter, develop and to take ownership. The method divides a game in 3 halfs:

1. The children meet in the „dialogue zone“ in the middle of the pitch. They discuss and agree on 3 fairplay rules they want to apply such as „the first goal must be shot by a girl“ or „all players clap whenever a goal is shot“.

2. In the second half the kids play. No referee. The players are responsible themselves that the fairplay rules are kept. Other children, called „observers“, watch the game and take notes.

3. In the third half the teams come together again. They reflect on their game. How do they feel? Have the rules been obeyed? Their dialogue is supported by an elderly peer, a so called „Mediator“. At the end the teams give each other fairplay points which count together with the goals. So it´s not the team with the most goals that wins, but the team with the best combination of fairplay and goals. 

Our Mission & SDG´s

 We acknowledge that cross-cultural understanding and development can be achieved by open-minded exchange and collaboration on local, bilateral and international levels. 

We understand Kick For Tolerance as a holistic, community centered development approach. The SDG we focus on are: 

-Quality Education (4) 

-Gender Equality (5) 

-Peace & Justice (16) 

-Partnerships for the Goals (17) 

We use sports as a universal language to reach out to thousands of girls and boys across Punjab. Our Sports-For-Development Programmes lead into Global Citizenship Education. We empower youth and young adults to become community leaders and agents for peace. 

We build a Generation Amazing! 

 Our Partnership with Rotary

It started with an intense exchange between Kick For Tolerance and Rotary in Germany early 2020.

In Summer 2020, the Rotary Club Dillingen decided to adopt Kick For Tolerance as its main international project engagement. Through this club partnership and the substantial support of the Rotary Inter Country Committes (ICC)  Germany-Pakistan and Germany-India, we could connect to Rotary Clubs and structures in Punjab. Now we are preparing an amazing multi-lateral project partnership.

We are looking so much forward to work with our new partners!

In the name of all participants, families and NGO partners at Kick For Tolerance, we say a special THANK YOU to all members of the Rotary Club Dillingen and its President Christoph von Heyden.  Your financial and personal engagement is a huge support and a source of motivation and inspiration.

Theory of Change

We have started the programme development by creating an impact model. What are the societal changes we want to cause? What are the prerequisites for young generations to be able to change socitey? What are the changes our programme has to bring about to get there?

Interested in our education & peace building curriculum? Please feel free to get in touch with us!

The Project Year 2021

We have resumed our programmatic work in January 2021. And we want to refocus: What have we reached and learned so far? What are the lessons the corona year 2020 tought us? How can we move forward towards a more regional and trans-sectoral initiative?

First of all our oldest programme participants from the first year 2021 are about to become young adults. Citizenship, vocational and livelihood themes become more relevant. That is why we currently develop a Global Citizenship Education Progamme module for this age group. Global issues and networks shall be tackled. The participants from both sides shall first time directly meet, play streetfootball together and jointly work in youth projects. 

A digitization process shall support cross-border and even cross-continental youth teams. We will provide access to digital sessions to  Punjab´s rural youth and we will learn ourselves how to use digital channels for educational work.

And we are excitedly looking forward to a new partnership with local Rotary Clubs on both sides on the Pan-Panjubi border broading the foothold of the initiative in the civil sector.

Our Journey

We have started to prepare a Pan-Punjab Initiative back in 2013/14. The German association Kick For Tolerance e.V. was founded.

In 2015 we systematically developed the project and did fundraising.

It took a full year till we could start the operational work on the ground in 2016 with seed funding by the IFA/German Foreign Office and the Robert Bosch Stiftung. We doubeld the number of participants in 2018 from 100 to 200 girls and boys from several schools in border vicinity on both sides. 

2020 was a tough year for us since we could not reach out to our participants due to long Covid 19 lock-down phases. Instead we wholeheartly engaged in emerency activities and help our target communties through this challenging time.

We are super happy to be able to resume our programme work with funds from the German Federal Minitstry of Economic Development and Cooperation. And we want to reframe our work based on what we have learned and how to run a robust initiative in corona and post corona times.


 The following transparency information is compliant to the voluntary commitment declaration issued by Transparency International Deutschland e.V. and signed by Kick For Tolerance e.V. 

It is published in German language.
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KFT Biographies

At Kick For Tolerance we aim to empower young generations to become Youth Leaders, assume active roles, both locally and globally, in building more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive and secure societies.

Tehmina is a Youth Leader who was portrayed for the poster exhibition "Through Life with a Ball".  You can get to know Tehmina and others here... 

Never one to miss an opportunity for a kickaround, Clifton Grover, "Kick for Tolerance" founder, always has his gym bag with him. For him football isn't just football. Since 2016, he has been helping Punjab communities to promote peace among the younger generations.

The conflict between India and Pakistan has existed since 1947, when the British colonial power withdrew from the region. For many, the conflict seems unsolvable. What can football do that politics hasn't been able to achieve in the last 71 years?   Clifton Grover: I don't want to exaggerate the importance of football. But for me it represents a universal language. The football field offers children a safe place for playful encounters. We need that to get something started. But, of course, just because I'm playing some football somewhere doesn't mean something marvellous automatically happens. That's why we use street football as an educational approach in "Kick for Tolerance".   

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